Mt Buller has established itself as a premier mountain biking destination.

Mt Buller offers the ideal biking escape, no matter what you’re into! Tackle the 16km uphill road climb, ride the extensive cross-country trail network, hit the downhill trails with chairlift access, tackle the pump track, skills parks and more – all just three hours from Melbourne.

Mt Buller Bike Park 

For anyone serious about mountain biking Mt Buller is considered a must-do experience. Unique among mountain biking destinations in Australia, Mt Buller offers both world-class cross-country and chairlift assisted downhill trails, in the stunning surrounds of the Australian Alps. There is little wonder why Mt Buller Bike Park is becoming Australia’s hottest ride destination.

Mt Buller Bike Park is home to several firsts in Aussie mountain biking, including Australia’s first flow trail, Copperhead, and the Southern Hemisphere’s first and only IMBA Epic Trail, the infamous 40km descending cross-country trail, the Australian Alpine Epic. 

The modular Pump Track, made up of 88 interchangeable parts and 102 liner metres of rideable surface is also an Australian first.  Featuring numerous bumps, jumps, and berms, the track is ridden using weight shifts, (also known as pumping, hence the name) to ride the course continuously without pedalling and gravity to drive momentum.

Sensational facilities

  • Over 100km of quality cross-country trails, including 40km of singletrack
  • Home to Stonefly, Mt Buller’s signature 10km endurance trail, regularly rated one of the country’s best trails
  • Home of the first flow down trail – XC/DH hybrid with a style all of its own
  • Two skills parks designed to test and improve riders’ technique and skills
  • Four downhill trails serviced by the Northside Express Chairlift from Boxing Day until the end of January, and shuttle services from February to the end of April
  • Australia’s first and only modular pump track, setup in the Mt Buller Village and designed to test your skills, test your balance and build confidence
  • A range of tours, camps, clinics and skills sessions for all levels and types of riders
  • A range of bike-friendly accommodation.

Something for every rider

In another Australian first Mt Buller Bike Park was awarded the designation as Australia’s only official accredited ‘IMBA Ride Center’.  The International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), the world’s peak mountain biking body, grants this status only to those unique destinations that offer something for every rider. From experienced-only to beginner-friendly, from backcountry escapades to lift-assisted gravity trails Mt Buller’s IMBA Ride Center status guarantees a world class product, for everyone.

Fully serviced

It can be easy to think when you are going mountain biking you need to pack for an expedition, even if you’re only going for the weekend. But it doesn’t have to be like that. At Mt Buller, lying in the heart of the trail network, you’ll find everything needed for your bike holiday, and more. Many accommodation providers are cycle-friendly, welcoming riders of all disciplines with bike facilities, and the local bike store offers rental equipment, and a diverse and up-to-date range of retail equipment, as well as providing lessons and guiding. It’s so easy, all you need to pack is yourself!

XC mountain biking

Over 120kms of cross-country mountain bike trail blends seamlessly with the environment, designed and built by renowned trail designer Glen Jacobs and his team from World Trail. Varying in altitude from 600 to 1700m, the trails are built to be of minimal impact, and are low-maintenance and sustainable. The majestic alpine environment guarantees incredible views, while the trail themselves include a range of technical feature and obstacles, including two skills parks. Mt Buller Bike Park also boasts the signature 10km cross-country trail Stonefly, top of the bucket list for many riders.

Australian Alpine EPIC 

Mt Buller’s newest trail is the Australian Alpine Epic – the jewel in the crown of Mt Buller’s decade-long commitment to building Australia’s premier mountain biking destination. Launched in December 2014, our ‘Epic’ accreditation from the world body of mountain biking, IMBA, means the trail has been recognised as world-class, and one that offers an iconic, diverse and high-quality backcountry riding experience. The Epic is widely touted as one of the world’s greatest mountain bike rides.

Gravity mountain biking 

Sometimes life is all downhill. And at Mt Buller that means one hell of a ride. With over 11kms of trails carved into the pitching descent of the mountain-side, these are the trails for those who prefer their ride adrenalin-packed. Our flow-down gravity trail Copperhead, swoops and soars more gently through the hills, a rhythmic rollercoaster ride with banked turns and rolling terrain.

Chairlift-assisted across the holiday period, the gravity trails are then serviced by vehicle shuttles for the balance of the season, so no matter when you choose to ride, there’s always a way back up.


It’s only 16kms right. Sure, lots of it is uphill. Ok all of it is uphill. But that’s what it’s all about. The Mt Buller Tourist Road’s twisting hairpins wind through soaring mountain ash; as you rise over 921 metres in elevation the air cools, and the views stretch across the High Country. There’s an average gradient of 6%, but some sections hit 13%. You’re desperate for breath, thighs burning, as you reach the Mt Buller Village. It’s a true test of strength and endurance. The reward is the descent, plunging back to the valley with barely a pedal-stroke, and a grin from ear to ear.

And for your next challenge? Keen riders can pedal through the Victorian High Country all summer and tackling the 7 mountain hill climbs that make up  the 7 Peaks  Alpine Ascent Challenge. 

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