Creche Facilities

Mt Buller's youngest visitors will have a great time at the Yoplait Petit Miam Buller Kids' Centre Creche, giving their parents more time to spend on the slopes. Our qualified childcare carers look after our youngest guests, from 3 months up to 3 years of age. 

Located on Level 2 at the rear of the Ski & Snowboard School building the Yoplait Petit Miam Buller Kids' Centre has morning, afternoon and all-day sessions. Children enrolled in the creche will enjoy a wide range of indoor activities including art and crafts, story time and music activities.

Registration and tickets are available from Level 2 of theYoplait Petit Miam Buller Kids' Centre. Enter via the Magic Forest at the rear of the Ski & Snowboard School.

For further information and bookings please phone 03 5777 7857. 

What to bring:
  • Special food requirements, lunch, snacks etc.
  • Pre-prepared bottles of formula/milk
  • Favourite toy/rug/pacifier
  • Nappies and wipes
  • Full changes of clothes
  • Immunisation records
  • Medical details
  • Contact details
What to bring for snow play:
  • Gloves & hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Eye protection
  • Waterproof clothing & waterproof shoes (18 months +)
Food Requirements & Anaphylactic Conditions

Please provide snacks and lunch if your child has food requirements or suffers from a severe anaphylactic condition. The Ski & Snowboard School are able to cater for basic food allergies and dietary requirements. Traces of nuts or other allergens may be present in foods.

Immunisation History

The Creche requires a Immunisation History Statement from the AIR.

Allergies and Medication

If your child requires medication,  has an allergy, or is at risk of an anaphylactic reaction,  please bring a copy of their Management Plan & the necessary medication.

All children diagnosed at risk of anaphylaxis or allergies must have an approved action plan signed by a doctor. Adrenaline kits must be signed into the Centre including the device, any prescribed antihistamine, a signed action plan and a permanent marker in a thermal bag secured to the child.

Please note: Failure to provide the Centre with a complete action plan signed by a doctor may result in your child being refused entry into the centre.

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