The Buller Boardriders program develops snowboarding skills with a focus on Boardriders learning together and preparing to participate in entry level freestyle competitions.

It includes plenty of freeriding, learning tricks in the park, slopestyle and BX training.  It is designed for young athletes wishing to upskill in preparation for competitions such as the Victorian & Australian Interschool competitions and other local snowboard events held at Mt Buller in a friendly and participation-focused environment.

There are two programs available, all delivered by experienced coaches from the Ski & Snowboard School. 

The Program

Buller Boardriders is designed to refine fundamental snowboard skills with a view to pushing performance in a supportive setting including:

  • Specific strategies for boardercross such as start techniques, pumping, pre-ollies, tucking, gliding & finish techniques to gain every advantage over the competition.
  • Approaches to tackle various terrain features such as banks & berms, rollers, transitions, gaps, tabletops and more for added confidence in any situation.
  • A strong focus on the freestyle skills such as airs, spins, grabs, board-slides, butters & presses necessary to excel in a slopestyle format.
  • Building a Boardrider’s repertoire of manoeuvres to develop variety of style and how to combine tricks in order to lay down a solid run in competition.
  • Building experience and gain mileage in a variety of terrain and snow conditions to expand participants overall comfort zones in any situation.

Options Available


1. School Holidays and Weekend program

A season long program ideal for aspiring athletes who want regular training and are able to commit to a winter season. The program commences 1 July and includes weekends through to 10 September.  

  Program specifics
Dates Saturday 1  July – 10 September 
Coaching 5 hours per day over 28 days (9am – 12pm & 1:30pm – 3:30pm)
Coaching hours 140*
Ages 10 - 16 years old
Program price $2,799 per athlete

These hours may include indoor training/activities as specified by the coaches or supervisors.

Exact dates: Victorian School Holidays: 1 - 3, 5 - 8, 10 - 11 and 13 - 15 July. Weekends: 23 - 24 and 29 - 30 July, 5 - 6 and 12 - 13 and 19 - 20 and 26 - 27 Aug, 2 - 3 and 9 - 10 Sept 2017.

For the programs to progress, a minimum of 5 participants at each level are required and must have strong snowboarding skills.


2. Mid-Week Program

A program specifically for participants enrolled in the Mansfield Annex seeking specialised training over the winter season during the mid-week periods.

  Program specifics
Dates Tues 18 July 2017 – Fri 8 Sept 2017
Coaching 3 hours per day over 32 days (9am – 12pm)
Coaching hours 96*
Ages 12 - 16 years old
Program price $ 2,195 per athlete

* These hours may include indoor training and activities as specified by the coaches or supervisors.

After the Victorian School Holidays: Every Tues - Fri from the 18 July - Fri 8 Sept 2017.

For the programs to progress, a minimum of 5 participants at each level are required and participants need to have strong snowboarding skills.

Program Exclusions

The Buller Boardriders Programs do NOT include the following:

  • Coaching at Intra-mountain competitions – this can be provided if requested and charged at a normal private lesson rate.
  • Lift access is not included in the program price. All participants need a lift pass.
  • Accommodation and transportation is not provided
  • Training sessions will be provided during the dates mentioned. No credits or refunds are applicable if participants miss days.
  • Entry fees to competitions are not included in the program price.
  • Uniforms are not provided in the program price.
  • Indoor sessions that require the sports hall will be charged on a user basis and is not included in the program fees.

Coaching Team

The Buller Boardriders program draws on a qualified team of coaches with a long experience at Mt Buller who bring a range of skills and expertise to the program.  

Justin Farnell – Program Manager

Justin has worked at the Mt Buller for over 20 years as an instructor or supervisor within the Snowboard School. He is a fully qualified instructor and examiner in Australia and has also instructed in the US and Japan for many years. He will coordinate the program and work closely with the head coach and participants.

Enrolment and booking

In order to secure a place please complete your enrolment in the E-store by Thursday 22nd of June, 2017.



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