A simple and important thing we can all do every day to protect our environment and look after this special alpine community we love is to firstly REDUCE our waste as much as possible, and then RECYCLE everything we can.

  1. SEPARATE YOUR WASTE - you will find bags in the rubbish huts around the village for recycling and instructions printed on the bags to show what can be recycled.  
    • Put recyclables in the recycling bag and place on the clearly marked RECYCLE side of the hut.  
    • Put your food scraps in the marked green bags (or ask for one at the Post Office/Alpine Central) and put that on the RECYCLE side too.
    • Try to minimise all other waste and put any non-recycle items in a small bag on the other side of the hut.
    • Keep grease and fats out of the water system - store grease and fats in a container and place in the rubbish huts for collection.  Do NOT put grease and fats down the sink or toilet as it can damage the resort’s water treatment facility.

  2. ALWAYS USE THE BIN - everything at Mt Buller Mt Stirling will end up in our water catchments in the Delatite or Howqua Rivers.  NEVER leave rubbish and always place in rubbish or recycle bins which are located all across both mountain areas or carry your rubbish out with you.  Rubbish is harmful to wildlife and ruins our beautiful alpine playground.
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Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Resort Management has been a member of North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group for over 10 years.

Ever wonder where your rubbish goes?  WATCH to see what happens to what goes into your bin...

Click here for tips on how to keep grease and fats out of the water treatment system.



The rubbish huts are NOT THE PLACE  for your hard waste items or construction debris. This is considered illegal dumping and heavy penalties apply.

It is very costly for the resort and waste contractors to collect, manage and dispose of unwanted items left in waste huts and around the village.

So, where do I take hard waste?

The Resort Management Waste Transfer Station at Boggy Corner accepts domestic amounts of clean timber and steel (this does not include steel white goods). Bunkers are provided for the storage of these materials.

- Clean, sorted and recyclable timber and steel can be dropped at Boggy Corner Waste Transfer Station

- Open hours: 10.00am - 11.00am every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (non-snow season only)

Contact Waste Contractor on 0427 411 418 for any enquiries about Waste Transfer Station access.

Stakeholders must dispose of all other items at an appropriate facility (Mansfield Resource Recovery Centre is closest) at your cost.  This includes mattresses, furniture, ski equipment, tyres, batteries, paint and construction waste.


If you have questions or need advice about hard waste services, please contact our Environmental Services staff at Resort Management on (03) 5777 6077 or email info@mtbuller.com.au.



Approximately one third of most household waste is FOOD. So, of course we need all need to get better about reducing our food waste, but we can also make sure that any organic waste is recycled and turned into compost, not mixed with other non-recyclable waste.

At Mt Buller Mt Stirling we make this really easy and have an onsite composting unit to capture our food waste and turn it into compost used right here in resort.

We call this the LIVING BIN and it’s see our recycling rate jump from 41% in 2010 up to 45.5% in 2013, the highest of any alpine resort in Australia!

  • What can I recycle in my Living Bin?
  • Download the sign HERE and stick it on the bin as a reminder
  • What about grease and fats?  Find out more...


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