25 April 2019

24 May 2019:

Every day something is different up here right now!  The Doppelmayr team have been testing the new chairlift this week and you might have spied some chairs rolling on the line if you were peeking at the live webcams.  The snow piles are growing and growing on Bourke Street and word is SNOW is set to fall from Sunday into next week with a real wintery blast on the way.  The crane is now down on the Kooroora site, and the pace is picking up as opening weekend rolls closer. Check the webcams, book your visit and come party with us on opening weekend!

New chairs on the Bourke Street Express and SnowFactory snowpiles growing up the run

The new Kooroora development taking shape - or is it a spaceship!?

Chairs going onto the Bourke Street Express lift line


28 April 2019: 

 Tower 1 getting it's hat on!

Sunday started early up here at Mt Buller with the first tower going up on Bourke Street before 8.30am!  The team are working full steam today to get all the towers in position and you can watch it all taking shape LIVE on the webcam.


25 April 2019:  While most people are commemorating our ANZACs with a day off, the team up at Mt Buller are busy on the tools.  Today the new SF100 SnowFactory followed the lead of the monster SF220 up on Baldy and started producing its first piles of snow.  The super-cooled particles can be made at any ambient temperature and are specially suited to building a great snowbase on the ski runs.  The snowmaking team will work around the clock between now and opening weekend to stockpile plenty of snow that will get Bourke Street and the snowplay park in the Village ready for opening weekend sliding!

PLUS the Bourke Street Express lift towers are arriving and coming together!  Check the cams for live updates. 



17 April 2019:  The SnowFactory 100 arrived at Mt Buller this afternoon!  Make sure you take a look up near the Ski & Snowboard School when you come to visit over Easter.  This 'mini' SnowFactory is just like the SF220 only a bit smaller and more nimble.  It will get to work creating snow for beginner lessons ahead of opening weekend and then move down to the snowplay park in the Village where you can enjoy a toboggan slide to start the season.  These clever SnowFactory snowmaking machines are able to make snow at any temperature and build our base for when the natural snow lands from the sky and get us all skiing and sliding sooner.



The Bourke Street Express is taking shape at the top station this week with the bull wheel in place and the structure taking shape to make it all weatherproof. The Doppelmayr crew are pulling out all the stops to get it done.  Stand by after Easter for lift towers arriving on Bourke Street...


8 April 2019 update:  Works are continuing around the clock in the countdown to winter.  Walkers on the Summit Nature Loop can get an inside peek at the preparations for the new snowmaking works going in on Men's Downhill.  Various crates of goodies from Techno Alpin are being unpacked, trenches dug, pipe laid and we can look forward to even more snow on this popular southside run this winter!  Stay tuned for updates... or come up for a visit this Easter and see all the exciting developments for yourself!


And take a look at the bottom loadstation for the new Bourke Street Express - the bull wheel is in and the structure is starting to take its final shape.  Next will be the works on the top station and we will share photos as that bullwheel is bolted together and installed in the coming week.

2 April 2019 update: There is a whole lot happening around the mountain this autumn and all eyes are on the new 6-seater chairlift which is steadily taking shape on Bourke Street.  A Doppelmayr  6-seater detachable, this new lift is a twin to the Mercedes-Benz Express lift and will move guests quickly out of the village to Baldy in just over 2 minutes.

This weekend the all-important bull wheel arrived in segments fresh from Europe and is being pieced together and installed today down at the bottom station.  The team from Doppelmayr Australia are working non-stop and the load and top stations are steadily taking shape. 



Keep an eye on the live cam updates here to see the top station and watch the Bourke Street cam when you will soon see work commencing on the towers. 


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