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Media Guides

Each summer and winter season Mt Buller produces an updated media guide with all you need to know and the lowdown on what's new for your stories. These guides are packed with handy intel to support your stories and to help you plan your angle and pitch - we love to help and show you around so get in touch!

Click the image below for the Mt Buller Mt Stirling 2018-19 Summer Media Guide.

It is a special place up here at Mt Buller and we are love to share great stories and photos and inspire people to come and visit! If you would like our help for a summer or winter story or need some advice to plan a media visit - drop us a line.

Press Releases

Press releases are added regularly to the Latest News section of the website so it's a good place to start - click here.

Mt Buller has a great selection of images available for you to download and add colour to your story. Please read through the below terms of use and copyright notice and click agree to access. If you need login details, please email

Terms of Use & Copyright Notice - Mt Buller Digital Media Gallery

  1. All images contained within the Mt Buller online photo gallery are to be used to promote Mt Buller as a tourist destination.
  2. Images must be used within the context of Mt Buller and can not be used in a generic way to promote alpine locations or any activity undertaken at alpine resorts.
  3. When an image is not used within the context of Mt Buller, the image must be captioned "Mt Buller " with the caption appearing adjacent to the image.
  4. When an image is used on the cover of a publication and can not be captioned on the cover, a credit must appear on the inside front cover of the publication. The credit should note that the image was taken at Mt Buller and should be accompanied by a brief description of the shot.
  5. No images that appear on the Mt Buller online photo gallery are to be released to third parties for any purpose whatsoever. Any requests for third-party usage are to be referred to the Mt Buller and Mt Buller Alpine Resort Management Board.
  6. No images are available for sale in any form ie. postcards, books, posters or any various retail merchandise. The only exception is for publications of an editorial nature.
  7. For situations not clearly described above, contact the Mt Buller marketing for copyright permission.

Click here to agree to the above terms and conditions and access the Media Gallery.

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