02 SEP 2018

With Slopestyle rated as the most exciting Olympic sport at Sochi in 2014 and becoming the newest Interschools event in 2016, we now provide a Slopestyle event for those wanting preparation for interschools and the Australian Junior Series, all the way through to aspiring Olympic athletes. Test your park skills against your mates in a fun but professional environment.

Training:  The Terrain Park will be open to the public on Thursday and Friday prior to the competition.  There will also be time allotted for training on the morning of competition.


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Judging Format: 

  • Overall impression for a score out of 100
  • Two runs – best run counts
  • Riders will be briefed by the Head Judge prior to competition
  • Junior and Open will be judged against one another on the same scoring scale.  This is to align with the new SSA national points system.  It is therefore possible for a Junior to win the Open division.

Competition Schedule:
Divisions will drop in following order:

Practice 9:00-9:30am (Snowboard only)

JNR Men Snowboard & Open Men Snowboard (Run 1)
JNR Men Snowboard & Open Men Snowboard (Run 2) 

15 minute practice

JNR Women Snowboard & Open Women Snowboard (Run 1)
JNR Women Snowboard & Open Women Snowboard (Run 2)

30 min practice (ski only)

JNR Women Ski & Open Women Ski (Run 1)
JNR Women Ski & Open Women Ski (Run 2)

1 practice run for speed

JNR Men Ski & Open Men Ski (Run 1)
JNR Men Ski & Open Men Ski (Run 2)

*No prize money for JNR divisions. Prize money for first place only in Open Divisions 

Event Schedule, SUNDAY 02 September 2018:

Bib Collection:               8:00am – 8:30am from Race & Events Department
Rider Briefing:                8:45am - Top of Course
Course Inspection:         8:45am – 9:00am
Practice:                         9:00am – 9:30am (Snowboard only)
Runs:                              9:45 am onwards
Practice:                         11:45 – 12:15 pm (Ski only)
Runs:                              12:30 onwards
Presentation:                  End of event on course

*Schedule is a guide and subject to change.  Make sure you check in regularly for updates and announcements for practice times if you are in ski divisions. Helmets and bibs are to be worn visible at all time when on course. Juniors must be 15 or under on 31st December 2018 to enter


Lift Ticket Prices for competitors:

Kids 1 Day - $45 + Btag
Kids 2 Days - $90 + Btag
Adults 1 Day - $72 + Btag
Adults 2 Days - $144 + Btag 

Entry Fee: $50


Original registrations are still valid for Sunday 02 September 2018. Please email and let us know if you cannot participate at the later date.

Registrations are closed.


Prizes and Prize Money:  $1,000 for first place in all open divisions.  Podium place in open and JNR divisions will be awarded prizes. 



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