29 June 2017

Four beautiful Clydesdale horses, Murphy, Parker, Al and Andy are clip-clopping their way into history at Mt Buller as the first Carlton Draft Clydesdales to make a delivery to a ski resort in Australia this Thursday 29 June. They will be in the Village Square from 12.00pm - 1.00pm, ready for some happy snaps with guests!


Carlton United is making a unique beer delivery to the alpine village at Mt Buller on Thursday when the team will haul a 1.5 tonne wagon carrying some barrels into the village for thirsty skiers.  Murphy is the most senior horse in the lineup at 16 years old with 13 years’ experience, and Parker at just 5 years old only joined last year.

The famous horses travel the country and are a popular sight with their shining harnesses to deliver beer where they go.  The tradition of the Carlton Draft Clydesdales making beer deliveries in Australia began back in the 1860’s and was only replaced by motorised vans after World War II.  Mt Buller and the Mansfield region has a long tradition of horsemanship and was the location for the classic ‘Man From Snowy River’ film.  With trail riding popular in the area during summer, the community will make the horses especially welcome when they arrive in the village. 

The horses take part in over 60 events around the country each year but this is a first to visit the snow, “They are a Scottish breed so the cold weather is something they are built for but this is certainly something different for us.  It’s very special to bring them up the mountain for this delivery and it’s certainly the highest location we’ve been to” explained Glen Pate the Clydesdale Team Manager.

Hospitality manager Harry Wellbourne is enthusiastic to receive the rare delivery, “The ABOM has a rich and colourful tradition but I don’t know if we’ve had our beer arrive on a horse drawn cart before. We look forward to pouring a few well-earned beers on the day.”

It takes 45cms of steel to make each horseshoe for the Clydesdales and they get new shoes every 5-6 weeks.  Each horse in the team weighs around 850kg and the team moves at around 5 km/h.


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