DOGS in alpine resorts

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If your circumstances have changed, the following options are available to you:

  • If you have used your permit, no refunds will be processed
  • If you have received your permit but haven't used it, please return it to Resort Management along with your bank details to process your refund. Your permit tag must be unused and preferably taped to your approval letter. Please return your permit to Alpine Central or post to: 
    Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management
    10 Summit Rd
    Mt Buller Vic 3723
  • If you have applied for a permit and wish to cancel your application, please email  


The Alpine Resort (Management) Regulations 2009 state that dogs can not be brought into the Mt Buller Resort unless a current Dog Permit has been issued by the RMB and the conditions are adhered to.

Dogs are not allowed within the Mt Stirling Alpine Resort under any circumstance.

Cats are not permitted in either Resort under any circumstances.

In accordance with the Alpine Resort (Management) Regulations 2009 the penalty for bringing a dog into the Mt Buller Resort without a permit is $2,000. Heavy penalties also apply for bringing a cat or other animal into the Resorts.

Why Do I need a Permit?

The Dog Permit system assists the RMB to:

  • Manage risks to public safety, hygiene and threats to native wildlife;
  • Implement the Resorts’ Environmental Management Plan, the Recovery Plan for the critically endangered Mountain Pygmy-possum and the Management Framework for the vulnerable Broad Toothed-rat;
  • Deliver our year-round predator (wild dog, feral cat, fox) monitoring and control program and protect permitted dogs by implementing controls to keep them safe;
  • Maintain good relationships with residents, stakeholders and visitors by having fair and transparent permit allocation and enforcement system.

How do I apply for a Permit?


A Dog Permit will not be issued for one-off, short or temporary stays in the Resort. Permits are issued annually, from 1 June to 31 May. The application forms are available from 1 April each year. Permits will not be automatically renewed. 

Applications will be processed within 2 weeks of receipt of all required information. Permits are issued in date order from the time the full application including ALL supporting evidence is received. Applications received after 22 May will not be guaranteed approval prior to the Declared Snow Season.

Dog Permits can be picked up at RMB Reception prior to the dog’s entry to the Resort or at Resort Entry. Alternatively, Dog Permits can be posted.

Permit exemptions apply for visiting certified Guide and Therapy dogs, on active duty, and dogs being transported in a vehicle through the Mt Stirling Alpine Resort directly into the Mansfield State Forest (outside of the declared snow season only). To request an exemption, email 

COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

The new COVID-19 Cancellation Policy covers Dog Permits, providing you peace of mind. For policy details and the latest updates relating to the COVID-19 response and plan click here.


Property owners and year-round or full-time seasonal (declared snow season only) residents may apply for an annual Dog Permit valid from 1 June to 31 May. A Dog Permit will not be issued for one-off, short or temporary stays in the Resort.

The eligibility criteria are:

  1. Payment of the annual application fee ($168).
  2. The applicant must be a:
  • A Property Owner and provide evidence of property ownership (e.g your name and property details from lease, sub-lease); or
  • Permanent or seasonal resident (declared snow season only) and provide evidence of a rental contract for a minimum of 13 consecutive weeks.

3. Current written consent from the Body Corporate/Building Management or written confirmation of unanimous consent from all apartment owners at the site.

4. Evidence of the dog’s Council registration confirming where the dog resides outside the Mt Buller Alpine Resort and the dog’s name, sex, breed and if it is desexed.

No preference or weight is placed on previously approved Dog Permits.

Designated Dog Walking Areas:

Dogs may only be walked or carried on the areas in green as shown above. These restrictions apply year-round. Dogs are not permitted in the ski field areas or other trails not identified in the map below.

Green: DOGS PERMITTED – Dogs may be walked or carried on the roads, pathways and trails

Red: DOGS NOT PERMITTED – Village Exclusion Zone (Lower Athlete’s Walk, Clocktower, Village Square Plaza, Kooroora Hotel, T’s Café, Alpine Central).


The following Conditions apply to all Dog Permits: 

a. Dogs must:

  1. Be on a lead at all times when outdoors.
  2. Not be left tied up in public spaces.
  3. Wear their Mt Buller registration tag (so it is visible) at all times and their Mt Buller lead and dog waste carry bag holder when outdoors.
  4. Not be taken on carpark or village shuttles.

b. Permit Holders or anyone responsible for a permitted dog must:

  1. Have effective control of the dog at all times when outdoors.
  2. Avoid danger or unreasonable disturbance to other persons or wildlife or interference to property.
  3. Clean up and properly dispose of all dog excrement in a tied bag.
  4. Only walk dogs on Mt Buller village streets (see Section 7) and not take dogs into:
    1. Alpine Central
    2. The Village Centre including Lower Athlete’s Walk, Clocktower, Village Square Plaza and T’s Café at any time.
    3. The ski area including lift loads/unloads (summer or winter) or on non-designated trails.
  5. Provide their name and address upon request from any RMB officer or mountain staff member identifiable by uniform.

The RMB reserves the right to set additional conditions on a case by case basis as it deems necessary.


Predator control within the Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Alpine Resort includes the year-round use of Foxoff 1080 baits. These baits are lethal to all dogs, with no known antidote.

Wild dogs exist within the Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Alpine Resorts and carry the Hydaid Parasite that could harm your dog. To avoid any risk to your dog, please ensure that you adhere to dog permit conditions, keep your dog on a lead at all times and only walk your dog in designated areas.

The use to extendable leads is not recommended.

Penalties for Breach of Conditions:

The RMB may cancel a Dog Permit, issue an infringement notice and/or refuse to accept future Dog Permit applications if there is a breach of your Dog Permit Conditions under Section 22 and 23 of the Regulations.

Please note:

  1. No warning notices will be provided. The RMB expects all Dog Permit holders and anyone responsible for their dog to be aware of and comply with the Dog Permit Policy and Dog Permit Conditions.
  2. A dog attack/bite will result in the immediate cancellation of the Dog Permit and removal of the dog from the Resorts, at the owner’s own cost.
  3. Any dog removed from the Resorts via compliance/enforcement activities where an owner cannot be identified or is not present will be transported and delivered to the Mansfield Shire dog pound.

For further information about criteria for obtaining a permit for your dog in 2020, please click on the below links: