RockWire: Revolutionising alpine fun at Mt Buller from February 3!

31 January 2024

RockWire: Revolutionising alpine fun at Mt Buller from February 3!

Gear up for an Aussie-first as RockWire hits Mt Buller on February 3. As the first Via Ferrata in the country, RockWire is inspired by the wild climbing scenes in the European Alps and promises to elevate outdoor adventure in the High Country to a new level.

 happy face climbing in RockWire Mt Buller

What's the buzz with Via Ferrata?

Translated from Italian, Via Ferrata means the "iron way." Initially a sneaky path for soldiers during WW1 in the Dolomites, Italy, it's now your ticket to climbing fun and safely. RockWire at Mt Buller keeps the tradition alive, securing you to a steel cable system while you conquer the west face of the summit.


Why RockWire Rules:

  • Safety First: You're securely fastened to a steel cable. Safety doesn't take a backseat here.
  • For All Thrill-Seekers: RockWire at Mt Buller is where thrill meets the chill. Route 1 is your starter pack, two wire bridges, two wire ladders, human-made hand and foot holds, and endless awesomeness.
  • A new way to view the Alps: Traverse along two main rock bands and marvel at the breathtaking scenery of the Delatite Valley, 1000m below, that'll make your jaw drop.

Climber in blue jacket looking up cliff face of RockWire Mt Buller with climber in yellow jacket looking up behind

Noel Landry, General Manager of Buller Ski Lifts, says, "RockWire is our way of enhancing the connection between visitors and nature at Mt Buller. It opens up access to a part of the mountain that was once distant, providing a taste of mountaineering within a safe and enjoyable adventure."

"We recognise that each visitor seeks a special connection with nature and adventure. RockWire is our way of enhancing that experience, offering an exciting journey amidst the breathtaking beauty of our mountain. “



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