16km – uphill!

Test your strength and endurance by cycling up to the Resort on the Mt Buller Tourist Road - a 16km uphill grind that stretches from the base of the mountain to the top. This climb rises 921 vertical metres in height, with an average grade of 6% and section that even reaches 13%.

This popular cycling challenge allows you to take in some spectacular High Country scenery while pushing your body to the limit. Regular signposts on the roadside allow you to chart your progress up the mountain, advising you of the altitude you have reached and the number of kilometres to go until you get the Mt Buller Village.

The Season

The official road cycling season for Mt Buller opens after the snow season has ended in September / October, and closes prior to the opening of the snow season (Queen's Birthday weekend), in June. Road cyclists are not permitted to ride up or down the Mt Buller Road in the snow season. The road is a declared hazard to cyclists due to heavy traffic and the changed road conditions due to snowfall and cold temperatures. 

No photos or it didn’t happen some say!  Dial up your ride time, grab a selfie and shout to the world “I Peaked Mt Buller”. Opposite the Mt Buller Clock Tower you will find our interactive sign, made special for the roadies, where those who’ve completed the 15.3km hill climb can pose for that all important Instagram photo, and dial in their ride time into the sign itself. Don’t forget to tag #ipeakedmtbuller and #mt_buller

Can you beat Gerro’s time?

Elite athletes train on the Mt Buller Road, including champion cyclist Simon Gerrans, who completed the climb in an impressive 39 minutes and 50 seconds - a personal best time. See how you compare to Simon's time! Start the ride at Mirimbah at the base of the mountain or stretch it out even further and leave from Mansfield, the closest major town to Buller. The 48km run from Mansfield to Mt Buller features relatively easy rolling hills and offers some great views on the approach to Buller.

While the uphill ride to the Mt Buller Village is best suited to experienced road cyclists, people of any level can undertake the exhilarating journey back down the mountain. Don't be surprised to be passed by cyclists squealing for joy as they round corners at high speeds, navigating their way through Buller's winding turns!




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