Summer Trails

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Bike trails

Closed Australian Alpine Epic (XC) Advanced
Closed Box Corner Link (XC) Intermediate
Closed Family Trail (XC) Beginner
Closed Picnic Trail (XC) Beginner
Closed One Tree Hill (XC) Beginner
Closed Soul Revival (XC) Beginner
Closed Clancy's Run (XC) Intermediate
Closed Cornhill Trail (XC) Intermediate
Closed Delatite River Trail/DRT (XC) Intermediate
Closed Gang Gangs (XC) Intermediate
Closed Medusa (XC) Intermediate
Closed Misty Twist (XC) Intermediate
Closed Plough Shed Entry (to DRT) Intermediate
Closed River Spur (XC) Intermediate
Closed Snowgums (XC) Intermediate
Closed Split Rock (XC) Intermediate
Closed Trigger Happy (XC) Intermediate
Closed Wombat (XC) Intermediate
Closed Woody's Shortcut (XC) Intermediate
Closed Woolybutt (XC) Intermediate
Closed Stonefly (XC) Advanced
Closed ABOM DH Intermediate
Closed Copperhead (Gravity/DH) Intermediate
Closed Outlaw (Gravity/DH) Intermediate
Closed International (Gravity/DH) Advanced
Closed Pump Track Beginner

Walking Trails

Open Summit Nature Walk Beginner
Open Family Trail Beginner
Open The Canyon Side Trip Advanced
Open Little Mt Buller Intermediate
Open Klingsporn Bridle Track Advanced
Open Delatite River Trail Intermediate
Open Mt Stirling Summit Loop Intermediate
Open Corn Hill Track to Mt Stirling Intermediate
Open Woollybutt Loop Intermediate
Open Wombat Drop Interpretive Loop Intermediate
Open Summit Interpretive Loop Intermediate
Open Bindaree Falls Beginner
Open Mt Stirling - Craig's Hut Beginner

Cross Country Bike Trails

Closed Misty Twist Beginner
Closed Picnic Trail Intermediate
Closed Box Corner Link Beginner
Closed Clancy’s Run Beginner
Closed Cornhill Trail Beginner
Closed Gangs Gangs Beginner
Closed Medusa Beginner
Closed One Tree Hill Intermediate
Closed Plough Shed Entry Beginner
Closed Snowgums Beginner
Closed Soul Revival Intermediate
Closed Split Rock Beginner
Closed Stonefly Expert
Closed Trigger Happy Beginner
Closed Wombat Beginner
Closed Woody’s Shortcut Beginner
Closed Australian Alpine Epic Expert
Closed River Spur Beginner
Closed Woolybutt Beginner
Closed Delatite River Trail Beginner
Closed Family Trail Intermediate

Downhill Bike Trails

Closed Copperhead Intermediate
Closed Outlaw Intermediate
Closed International Expert
Closed ABOM Intermediate

Running Trails

Open Gang Gangs Lazy Loop Beginner
Open Klingsporn Cruise Beginner
Open Summit Nature Loop Beginner
Open Delatite Drop Intermediate
Open Machinery Shed Loop Intermediate
Open Razorback Run Intermediate
Open Stirling Huts Loop Intermediate
Open Craig's Hut Return Advanced
Open Little Buller Loop Intermediate
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