What is a B-TAG?

A B-TAG is an RFID card that allows you to access the lifts of Mt Buller, it is reusable and can be loaded with lift passes, lessons and more.

Everyone skiing or snowboarding needs their own B-TAG with their own name on it. Once you have yours, put it in a pocket by itself (either side of your body, as the gates can scan both left and right hand sides) when on the slopes and the chairlift entry gates will read your B-TAG from your pocket – make sure you add lift passes first! You can pre-purchase a B-TAG and add products online.

Please note: Sightseeing passes include a temporary lift access RFID card, and purchasing a separate B-TAG is not required for sightseeing rides.

As soon as you have your B-TAG we recommend you register your details online to keep it secure – then you are ready to make the most of your time on the slopes, access the convenience of online reloading, and skipping the ticket office queues.

B-TAGs can be purchased or picked up from any Buller Sports or Altitude store (including Mansfield Buller Sports), any ticket window/office, and from the Mt Buller Ski and Snowboard School.


  • Simply carry your B-TAG in your pocket.
  • Don’t carry your B-TAG in the same pocket as your mobile phone or near other RFID cards - they can interfer with the gates reading your B-TAG.
  • Don’t punch a hole in your B-TAG - it will damage the internal antenna and it will no longer work.
  • Make sure your online profile at the eStore is current; if you lose your B-TAG we can replace it for $5 and you wont have to re-purchase lift access.


Benefits of your B-Tag 

  • Access to Victoria's largest network of 20 lifts and the Mt Buller terrain parks
  • Purchase lift passes online before you ski
  • Reload your B-TAG before you arrive and skip the queue
  • If you lose your B-TAG and it’s registered, we can replace it for $5 and you wont have to re-purchase lift passes
  • Use your B-TAG time after time, season after season – just reload and go!
  • Load ‘Snow Dough’ credit onto your B-TAG and use it as a debit card. Leave your cards and cash at home


What is snow dough?

You can load credit onto your B-TAG and use it just like a debit card in various retail, rental and food and beverage venues in resort. Load Snow Dough onto your B-TAG online or through the Mt Buller app. You can use your Snow Dough to purchase:

  • Retail products and Rental equipment at Freeride, Altitude and all Buller Sports locations.
  • Food and Beverages at Frosty Bean Cafe, ABOM Bistro, ABOM Foodhall, Moosehead Whiskey Bar, Spurs Iron Maiden Smokehouse, and Tirol Café.
  • Lift and Lessons at Ticketing, Altitude, Buller Sports and Ski School outlets. 
  • All Products online at www.bullerestore.com.au 


To use Snow Dough online hit the apply button on the "Select Payment" page.

You can also see your Snow Dough balance here (login required).




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