Environmental Campaigns

Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management continues to drive a number of environmental campaigns, encouraging the community and visitors to be actively involved in the conservation of the alpine environment since our Environment Department was established in 2002.

We are proud of our achievements as a community. Follow the links to the left to find out more about our campaigns.

Keep Winter Cool

Climate change is effecting our precious alpine environment - but the good news is that skiers, snowboarders and snowplayers can all do something to help. Even a small change to our energy consumption now will help reduce the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change, and thus help preserve our alpine environments in the future. The biggest cause of global warming is carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere when fossil fuels such as oil and coal are burned for energy. So when you reduce your energy consumption, you fight global warming.

Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management is participating in an innovative program; using infra-red thermography and air outflow measures to locate energy leakage points in buildings throughout the resort. The imagery and other measurements will be used to determine energy efficiency objectives and ultimately direct building improvements.

You can do your bit to combat climate change when you're at the snow - here's 10 simple ways to help keep winter cool:

  • Reduce energy used for transport - share a ride or take a bus to the snow and to work.
  • Turn off lights and appliances when at home or on holiday - it is best to turn them off at the powerpoint.
  • Purchase energy efficient appliances - choose the highest energy-efficient star rating and use compact fluorescent lights.
  • Insulate your house or lodge - turn down the thermostat and use draught stoppers.
  • Cut hot water consumption - wash clothes in cold water and fit water-efficient shower heads and reducers.
  • Eco-buy - purchase greenhouse friendly products from local sources.
  • Support renewable energy sources - switch to Green Power with your electricity supplier.
  • Plant a tree - trees take up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle - reducing waste reduces landfill and thus reduces production of the greenhouse gas methane.
  • Lead change at your workplace or business - Spread the word to cool global warming and keep winter cool.

Click here to learn more about Water Consumption. 

Click here to learn more about sustainability in the Alps. 

Click here to learn more about Grease and Fats at Mt Buller. 


North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group

Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Resort Management has been a member of North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group (previously North East Victoria Regional Waste Management Group (NevRwaste) for over 10 years.

NEWRRG works in partnership with other state and local authorities to implement the State's waste management policies and strategies at a regional and local level.

Described under the Environment Protection Act 1970, NEWRRG's functions are:

  • To plan for the management of municipal waste in its region, working in partnership with the Councils in the region.
  • To coordinate the activities of its members in its region, to give effect in its region to State policies, strategies and programs relating to waste.
  • To facilitate and foster best practices in waste management.

To learn more about NEWRRG visit their website: www.newrrg.vic.gov.au.

As a member of NEWRRG, Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management is part of a regional group striving for improved waste management practices. 

Why does waste matter?

The videos on the North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group website demonstrate the importance of separating waste, with some great insight into where our household waste ends up. To watch the videos, click here

While the information on the videos is not specific to the Alpine Resorts, it communicates the same message encouraging us to Minimise Waste – Maximise Recovery – Remove Organics.  Resort Management has made it easy for you to actively help us in preserving and protecting our special environment.  See the Mt Buller Mt Stirling Waste Management brochure for further information.

The Living Bin

Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management has taken the resort's recycling to new heights via its award-winning Living Bin organics management system. In 2010 Resort Management launched its food waste recycling system as part of the Victorian Government's ‘Towards Zero Waste' strategy. The system encourages on-mountain operators to separate out organic waste, (fruit, vegetables and meat), which is collected and recycled into compost. The introduction of an onsite composting unit helps close the loop for food waste management at Mt Buller, enabling food waste to be processed at the on-mountain waste management centre and reused as compost throughout the resort. The organics management system has enabled Mt Buller to increase its total recycling rate from 41% in 2010 to 45.5% in 2013, the highest of any other alpine resort in Victoria. This figure also exceeds the target set by the North East Regional Waste Management Plan, which is to recycle 37% of all waste by 2014.

Click here to download a copy of the Living Bin Sticker. 


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