Legends & Personalities

To honour the many individuals who contribute to Mt Buller’s vibrant population Buller Ski Lifts created the “Mt Buller Legends & Personalities” wall in 2008. This gallery honours the rich array of people who contribute to our unique alpine community.  It cannot include everyone but seeks to highlight a cross section of our population and acknowledge people who have made, or continue to make, a significant contribution to the life of Mt Buller.  There are some faces in here you may know – or may meet when you spend time on the mountain.

What is the criteria for being honoured as a Mt Buller Legend, Personality or Champion?


  • Lived and/or worked at Mt Buller for at least 20 years; and/or
  • Have made a significant personal and/or business contribution to Mt Buller and be widely known and well regarded in the community; and/or
  • Serve as a champion and ambassador for Mt Buller committed to the promotion of the destination and resort in media, resort events and community engagement.


  • Lived and/or worked at Mt Buller for at least 10 years; and/or
  • Have made a significant personal contribution to Mt Buller and be well known and regarded in the community; and/or
  • Positively represent Mt Buller as an ‘ambassador’ of the mountain through a personal passion and commitment to the community and the resort.


  • Have trained extensively at Mt Buller in their chosen winter sport; and/or
  • Represented Australia in winter snowsports; and/or
  • Positively represent and identify with Mt Buller and serve as a role model to upcoming athletes.


  • Have trained extensively at Mt Buller in their chosen winter sport; and/or
  • Represented Australia in winter snowsports and achieved Olympic and/or World Cup medal and/or X Games recognition for their achievements.; and/or
  • Positively represent and identify with Mt Buller and serve as a role model to upcoming athletes.

Buller Ski Lifts manages and maintains the gallery and welcomes recommendations from community members. Please complete a nomination form here noting the criteria and submit before 30 January for consideration in the annual review. 






Aivataglou, George

George’s Ski Hire – renting skis since 1963

George Aivatoglou came to Mt Buller from Greece when he was 24 years old in 1962.  

In 1967 he married his wife Margaret.   Geoff Henke who was just building the Molony’s apartment building was going to install a ski hire in the building and he asked George if he was interested in managing it.   

George also purchased Horse Hill Ski Hire as part of the Molony’s ski hire deal.  This was later sold to BSL.  He also purchased the Bill Duff Ski Hire in 1991, changed it’s name to Summit Road Ski Hire.  The building was burnt to the ground in 1992 and the hire operated out of a shed for that season.  George then decided to change Summit Road Ski Hire to Valley View apartments, most of which he sold.

In 2016 George has semi-retired and transitioned the business to his son, Rob.  However, he is still around, helping in the shop as required.  George, has 2 children, Robert and Lia and 3 grandchildren, George, Peg and Zoe.


 Bob Bateup

Bateup, Bob

Mountain Manager

 Laurie Blampied

Blampied, Laurie

Managing Buller Ski Lifts since 1995

 Andrea Broad

Broad, Andrea

Ski Patrol


Camerino, Jimmy


 Bob Flemming

Fleming, Bob


 Aurel Forras

Forras, Aurel

Built an Institution, Kooroora Hotel


Forras, Ernest

Built an institution

 Sue George

George, Sue

Buller Kids Centre since 1986


Greber, Bernd

Spirit of the Skier

 Hans Grimus

Grimus, Hans

Pension Grimus

 Lotte Grimus

Grimus, Lotte

Pension Grimus

 Laurie Harcus

Harcus, Laurie

Providing hospitality since 1995





Hughes, Jimmy

ARMB Directing visitors since 1979


Jeffcoat, Sandie

Mt Buller Resort Management

 Geoff Lipshut

Lipshut, Geoff

Father of Freestyle

Ed Mahon 

Mahon, Ed

Ski Patrol since 1989

 Carol Mcdonald

McDonald, Carol

Arlberg Hotel

 Donny Morgan

Morgan, Donny

Mt Buller Ski Patrol

 Michelle Morrice

Morrice, Michelle



Perks, John

Arlberg Hotel

 Nick Reeves

Reeves, Nick

Mountain Manager and Lord of the Froth

 Paul Romagna

Romagna, Paul

Come ski with me Ski & Snowboard School


“Speaky” Lyons, Terry

Ski Patrol and Buller Ambassador



Mt Buller Transport


Terrens, Alan

Training Patrollers since 1975


Woodsford, Mark “Woody”

Fun Photos and Ski Instructor

 Anton Van Hoof

Van Hoof, Anton






 Brett Cooper

Cooper, Brett

Ambulance Victoria

 Michael David

David, Michael

Interschools and the arts










 Father Tony Kerin

Kerin, Father Tony

Sky Patrol 1


Kratzer, Shaun “Shaggy”

Adventurer and photographer

 Ewen Macaskill

Macaskill, Ewen

CFA Captain

 Joe Maisano

Maisano, Joe

Kooroora and Black Cockatoo

 Sam McDougall

McDougall, Sam

Ski Patrol since 1998

 Roman Pacak

Pacak, Roman

Buller Sports

 Andrew Pattinson

Pattison, Andrew

Team Buller

 Richard Pennington

Pennington, Richard

Sky Patrol 2


Pilipasidis, Sox

Welcoming diners since 2009 at Cattlemans Cafe and Burger Haus

 Tina Reddrop

Reddrop, Tina

Mt Buller Grocer

 Chris Redman

Redmond, Chris

ABOM and Chalet


Reynolds, Pete

Ski & Snowboard School

 Eric Seiwert

Seiwert, Eric

Formerly at Mt Buller Chalet and now Managing The Ski Club of Victoria

 Dr Graham Slaney

Slaney, Dr Graham

Mt Buller Medical Centre 

Dr Slaney is co-owner of the Mt Buller Medical Centre with Dr Andrew Wettenhall, and its medical director. He's been providing medical care on Mt Buller and in Mansfield since 1997.

 Ross Taylor

Taylor, Ross

Ski & Snowboard School

 Dr Will Twycross

Twycross, Dr Will

Mt Buller Medical Centre

Dr Will has worked at the Mt Buller Medical Centre since it was rebuilt in 1995, and at the Mansfield Hospital since 1987. He enjoys downhill skiing, but also makes annual overnight cross country skiing trips to Stirling and The Bluff. In summer, he enjoys walking in Tasmania's South-West wilderness. The people he admires most at Mt Buller are the Ski Patrol, all the other staff who work outdoors to keep the mountain running.

 Rose Yong

Yong, Rose

Popo Kitchen & Extragreen





 Belle Brockhoff

Brockhoff, Belle

Snowboard Cross Olympian and World Cup Gold


Camplin, Alisa

Olympian & World Champion Aerials

 Nick Cleaver

Cleaver, Nick

2 x Olympian, 12 Top 10 World Cups 5 ABOM Gold

 Jacqui Cooper

Cooper, Jacqui

5 x Olympian & 24 x World Champion

 Anton Grimus

Grimus, Anton

Winter Olympian 2014 World Cup Bronze Skier cross

 Lydia Lassila

Lassila, Lydia

4 x Olympian, Gold Medallist 2010 Bronze 2014

 Kirstie Marshall

Marshall, Kirstie

Our Olympian and First Australian Winter World Champion


Pullin, Alex “Chumpy”

Winter Olympian 2010 & 2014 Snowboard Cross, 2 x World Champion






Bamford, Emily

Winter Olympian 2014 Slalom and Giant Slalom

 Cam Bolton

Bolton, Cam

Winter Olympian 2014 Snowboard Cross


Gardner, Liz

Winter Olympian 2006 & 2010 Aerials

 Mitch Gourley

Gourley, Mitch

Winter Paralympian 2010 and 2014. 2013 World Cup Gold Giant Slalom

 Steph Hickey

Hickey, Steph

Winter Olympian 2010 Snowboard Cross

 Renee Mcelduff

McElduff, Renee

World Cup 1st 2015

 David Morris

Morris, David

Olympic and World Cup medallist Aerials

 Laura Peel

Peel, Laura

Olympic Aerial Skier, World Champion 2015

 Danielle Scott

Scott, Danielle

Winter Olympian 2014, World Cup Gold 2015

 Anna Segal

Segal, Anna

Slopestyle 2014 Olympian, World Champion, X-Games Gold Medalist

 Johanna Shaw

Shaw, Johanna

Winter Olympian 2006 & 2010 Snowboard PGS

 Brodie Summers

Summers, Brodie

Winter Olympian 2014 Moguls

 Samantha Wells

Wells, Samantha

Winter Olympian 2014 Aerials



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