The RMB makes a concerted effort to rationalize vehicle movements within the village. The roads within the Mt Buller Village are used by both pedestrians and vehicles.

The Board’s aim is to provide safe road/pedestrian walkways plus allow for effective snow clearing operations. Strict guidelines apply to vehicle permit applications and must be adhered to so as to maintain a functional, organised, and user-friendly resort. Four Wheel Drive Permits are special permits issued by application to allow vehicles access to the Mount Buller Village. The permit provides for gate entry at both the Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Alpine Resorts.

To be eligible for a “Village Season Permit”, the site must have designated parking space (onsite or roadside) as determined by the RMB, and the applicant must satisfy ONE of the following criteria;

The applicant must: -Be an Apartment Owner; Be a current Lodge / Club Member and provide proof if requested;  Operate a business within the Village by way of a Commercial Lease; Must have leased an apartment or club for entire season and provide supporting paperwork

Permit and vehicle conditions apply and are provided to the applicant and must be acknowledged by the applicant prior to the issue of a pass. Each pass is identified by a serial number and the personal details of the owner are managed by the Resort Administration.

The applicant must ensure that the driver of the vehicle has the capability and experience of driving in hazardous conditions that arise from snow and ice on alpine roads. which ensure that the vehicle is capable of being driven in the snow and icy road conditions that may exist during the snow season. Applicants are to ensure that the vehicle will be fitted with appropriate tyres for snow season driving and that wheel chains are carried at all times.

Click here to download the vehicle conditions.

Click here to download the permit eligibility.

2020 Permit Conditions will be available to view closer to the opening of Permit applications

Mt Buller 4WD/AWD Village Season Permit applications open on February 1st and close on 15 March 2020 - for enquiries, please email



A licence is required by people or businesses who conduct organised tours or recreational businesses for profit within the Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Alpine Resorts under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978. 

Before making an application for a Commercial Operator Licence, prospective licence-holders should contact Resort Management and confirm the availability, terms and conditions of licences for the specific activity.

The decision to grant a Commercial Operator Licence, its duration and conditions remains within the discretion of Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management (RMB).

  • Click here to download the 2018-2019 Commercial Operator Licence Application Form.
  • Click here to download a Public Liability insurance checklist to ensure your certificate of currency is compliant.

Before you apply for a Commercial Operator Licence, please contact Environmental Services at Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management on 03 5777 6077 or email

For further information on other alpine activities and alpine areas outside the Resort, the Australian Alps National Parks website,, is an excellent starting point. 

Dogs in Alpine Resorts

State Law prohibits people from bringing dogs into Alpine Resorts, unless a permit has been issued by the relevant Alpine Resort Management Board (ARMB). Dogs and other introduced species and pets (particularly cats) can result in risks to the general public and hygiene, and threaten native wildlife. The penalty for bringing a dog into the Mt Buller Resort without a permit is $2000. No dogs are allowed at Mt Stirling and cats are strictly prohibited at both resorts.

For further information about criteria for obtaining a permit for your dog in 2019, please click on the below links:



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