BullerBus operates premium touring coaches in 2020 to Mt Buller all fitted with complimentary Wi-Fi, USB charge points and on-board restrooms. We offer schedule transfers services from Melbourne & Adelaide for guests wishing to holiday at Mt Buller, plus we offer great value day tours from Melbourne CBD for those wishing to experience Mt Buller for a single convenient day. For 2020 all our services arrive & depart at the central Mt Buller Village Bus Terminal saving time with shuttle buses or ride share taxi’s.

Pricing: Day tours start from $84 per person including resort entry.


Melbourne to Mt Buller 

Departs Melbourne CBD

Mon 10am, Tues 6.30am, Wed 6.30am and 10am, Thu 6.30am, Fri 10am, Sat 6.30am, Sun 6.30am & 10am

Departs Melbourne Airport 

Mon 10.30am, Weds 10.30am, Fri 10:30am, Sun 10:30am


Mt Buller to Melbourne CBD
Departs Mt Buller Mon 2.45pm, Tues 4.45pm, Wed 2.45pm & 4.45pm, Thu 4.45pm, Fri 2.45pm, Sat 4.45pm, Sun 2.45pm & 4.45pm


Mt Buller to Melbourne Airport
Departs Mt Buller Mon 2.25pm, Tues 4.45pm, Wed 2.45pm & 4.45pm, Thurs 4.45pm, Fri 2.45pm, Sat 4.45pm, Sun 2.45pm & 4.45pm


Adelaide to Mt Buller
Departs Tues 8.15pm, Thurs 8.15pm, Sat 8.15pm, Sun 8.15pm
Arrives Mon 1.50pm, Weds 1.50pm, Fri 1.50pm, Sun 1.50pm


Mt Buller to Adelaide
Departs Mon 2.45pm, Weds 2.45pm, Fri 2.45pm, Sun 2.45pm
Arrives Tues 6am, Thurs 6am, Sat 6am, Mon 6am


Day Tours and Airport Transfers

BullerBus offers affordable transfers from Melbourne CBD along with Tullamarine Airport to Australia's most accessible alpine resort - Mt Buller, with access to the Village Square.

Services depart Melbourne CBD at 06.30 on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday for a 09.50am arrival. Additional Melbourne CBD (10am) & Tullamarine Airport Shuttles are available at 10.30 on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from late June and they arrive at Mt Buller around 1.40pm.

Return options leave at 16.45 on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday for a 7.40pm arrival at Tullamarine Airport & 30 odd minutes later in the CBD. We also offer Tullamarine Airport Connect Services on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday morning departing Mt Buller Village Square Terminal at 2.45pm to arrive at Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport by 6pm, then onto Melbourne CBD for a 6.35pm arrival.

Tullamarine Airport Connect – Monday & Wednesday service operate in July & August only.

Contact us

To find out more contact us at www.BullerBus.com

Transfers & Day Tours to Mt Buller


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