Alpine areas, which are those above the natural treeline and are covered by snow for roughly four months of the year, account for 0.15% of Australia’s total land mass. Alpine environments are therefore geographically rare and should be treated as special and unique places. Read about our environmental policies below.


The Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Alpine Resort Management Board is committed to protecting and enhancing the environmental values of Mt Buller. This is to be achieved through the implementation of the Environmental Policy. The policy is a public statement that details the Board's commitment to sustainable development of Resort operations and the environment.


Environmental Management Plan

To achieve the commitments outlined in the Environmental Policy we have prepared an Environmental Management Plan. The Environmental Management Plan (or EMP) is a strategic document that elaborates further on the policy and guarantees protection of the Resort's natural environment while ensuring the sustainability of Resort activity and development. This document is a comprehensive guide to environmental management of the Resort, including detailed descriptions of flora and fauna, ecosystems, environmental values and useful information about climate, geography and so on. It is a vehicle to help us fulfill our environmental commitments and a blueprint that will guide environmental management. The EMP was reviewed and updated during 2006.


Dogs in Alpine Resorts

The Alpine Resort (Management) Regulations 2009 state that dogs can’t be brought into the Mt Buller Resort unless a current Dog Permit has been issued by the RMB and the conditions are adhered to.

Dogs are not allowed within the Mt Stirling Alpine Resort under any circumstance.

Cats are not permitted in either Resort under any circumstances.

The penalty for bringing a dog into the Mt Buller Resort without a permit is $2,000.

Click here for permit information.