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Buller Crew Businesses

Each year we are continuing to make improvements to the Buller Crew Course based on your feedback. Which is why it is important to familiarise yourself with the process of your employees becoming Buller Crew Members, as this may have changed.

By request of the Mt Buller Chamber of Commerce (MBCC), all Buller Crew employees will need to purchase and complete the Buller Crew course through the Buller Crew website each season.


  1. Your business or lodge must be a current paid member of the Mt Buller Chamber of Commerce (MBCC) or Mt Buller Ratepayers Association (MBRA)
  2. Complete this Buller Crew Staff List.
  3. Fully complete the spreadsheet with all your full time mountain employee's details and send back as a microsoft excel file type to the Buller Crew team at (please give us your entire staff list of expected employees as accurately as possible - staff that aren't on the list will not be able to pickup their Buller Crew card).
  4. Enter details carefully as they will need to be correct for verification.
  5. If any additions/subtractions are to be made to your approved staff list, you will need to re-send an updated form with all amendments appended to the bottom of the original staff list - Please do not send individual staff member details.
  6. Inform your employees to go to the Buller Crew website, register as a member, pay for & complete the Buller Crew course and most importantly read through all information on the Buller Crew page, as this will make the entire process clear to them to avoid any confusion.

Once these steps have been completed, it is the responsibility of your employees to complete the Buller Crew Course and visit the Village Ticket Office (above Buller Sports Central and across from Cattleman's) for collection of their Buller Crew card.

Buller Crew Cards cannot be collected until the Crew Course has been 100% completed. Certificate of Completion must be presented in printed form or on a device at time of collection and employee details will be cross-checked with the information you have provided on your staff list by Village Ticket Office Staff. A discounted season membership can then be purchased at either time of collection of Buller Crew Card or from the Village Ticket Office at a later date.

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